Welcome to Gandhibag Sahakari Bank Ltd…

The Gandhibag Sahakari Bank Ltd., was established on 6th April, 1963 bearing registration number BNK-106/63 under co-operative Society Act, 1960.  This bank formed as a society in 1963 but after getting the license from Reserve Bank of India, 01/01/1977  it converted into Bank.

The Gandhibag Sahakari Bank Ltd., is situated at Chitnispark Square, Ruikar Road, Mahal Nagapur. The bank has network of 6 branches and HO. These are at Mahal Branch, M.I.D.C Branch , Mhalginagar Branch, Manewada Branch, Ganjakhet Branch and Pardi Branch.  There are 18668 Members of the bank and Total share capital of  the bank is 420.03 lakhs up to 31.03.2012.

Business Philosophy

We aim at : Evolving ourselves in to a strong and sound competitive financial system, providing integrated services to customers for all segments, leverage on technology and human resources, adopt best accounting & ethical practices & fulfill corporate & social responsibilities towards all shareholders, visualizing aspiring Benchmarks and goals and attain them efficiently & effectively.

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