Saving Account

Savings Account at Gandhibag Sahakari Bank comes with banquette of facilities & services at no extra charge to the Customers. Eligible person/s and eligible organizations or agencies as approved can open Savings Account with the Bank. Savings Account can be opened with Rs.500/- and minimum balance to be kept in the Account is Rs.1000/- only. Amount can be withdrawn from Savings Account by way of cheques or withdrawal slips. Interest is paid half yearly on Savings Account at 4 % p.a. as per the directives fixed by Reserve Bank of India

  • Eligibility – Savings Account can be opened in the name of Individuals Singly or Jointly or by minors of the age 10 years or above or under natural / legal Guardianship or by an illiterate or blind person. Documents Required – Duly filled in Account Opening Form with valid residential proof, PAN Number, 1 photograph and introduction by existing account holder of the Bank
  • Minimum Balance – Account holder is required to maintain minimum balance of Rs.500/ in the account.

Special Saving Scheme

  • Rate of Interest: 8.00%
  • Minimum Continuous Balance: Rs.1,01,000/-

Facilities Offered

  • 25 Cheque Leaves to time to time.
  • ATM Card Facility with withdrawal Limit of Rs.20,000/-
  • Any Branch Banking Facility through out all Branches of the Bank for operations in Savings / Term Deposit Accounts.
  • SMS banking facility for Balance Inquiry, Statement Details, Transaction Alerts
  • Nomination Facility
  • Internet Banking

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