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The Gandhibag Sahakari Bank Ltd., was established on 6th April, 1963 bearing registration number BNK-106/63 under co-operative Society Act, 1960.  This bank formed as a society in 1963 but after getting the license from Reserve Bank of India, o1/01/1977  it converted into Bank.

The Gandhibag Sahakari Bank Ltd., is situated at Chitnispark Square, Ruikar Road, Mahal Nagapur. The bank has its own four storied building where bank created section on each floor as per their convenience.

On the first floor there is Main Branch where various transaction like saving, current, cash credit,  fixed deposit accounts goes on.

Second floor also the part of Main Branch have loan department and also the Franking Machine Section.

On third floor there is a cabin of Chief Executive Officer also have Chairman & Vice- chairman cabin and meeting hall where various meeting takes place. On fourth floor there is Head Office where all administrative works and policy decision has made.

During the past 50 years this society grows very rapidly.  Following table shows the progress of Gandhibag  Sahakari Bank Ltd., Nagpur for last three years.

Sr. No. Particulars 3103.2011 31.03.2012
1. Share Capital 402.13 420.03
2. Members 18043 18668
3. Reserve Fund 751.57 846.71
4. Working Capital 13931.37 14270.25
5. Deposit 11771.81 11906.78
6. Loan 8472.20 8649.56
7. Net Profit (after Income Tax ) 94.97 40.95
8. Audit Class “B” “B”

Tha bank has  a network of 6 The Branches of this Bank. These branches are at Mahal Branch, M.I.D.C Branch , Mhalginagar Branch, Manewada Branch, Ganjakhet Branch and Pardi Branch.  There are 18668 Members of the bank and Total share capital of  the bank is 420.03 lakhs up to 31.03.2012.


The bank was formed with an objective to strengthen co-operative movements.  The objectives are fully set out in its bye-laws duly approved by the concerned department.  The  immediate objective of the society is –

  1. To distribute  its profits amongst its members and to its customers at a pro-rata as  may be determined in accordance with the bye-laws from time to time, accordingly to the consumption of its customers and to apply benefits on condition determined by bye-laws.
  2. To encourage self help, mutual help and to enable its members to have a safe place to deposit their saving.
  3. To enable its members to participate in co-operation affairs and
  4. To do such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.So, the sole objects of co-operation has its prima aspect to run the society.


Consumer banking brings and welcome change in common persons life. It is not only the name for giving services to elite & previlaged class of the society but also to facilitate the common people, which normally represent a big proportion of the society. It would not have been possible for bank to offer better services to this big proportion of society without the help of technology.

RTGS & NEFT/Franking

Since 2009 bank is providing this facility to all our customer by tying-up with HDFC Bank on 20.04.2009 and YES Bank from 04.12.2012. Franking Business is also provided to all citizen of Nagpur since November, 2005.

Financial Incusion

The bank has continued the efforts to micro finance small business houses, Gold Loan Facilities to all at reasonable rate of interest for all our branches.

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